The inflammation of gums is suffered daily by thousands of people. Its causes usually lead to an awareness of this area of ​​our mouth or even due to infections or poor hygiene. The way to realize that we have inflamed gums is not only because of the pain that causes us, varying according to the severity but also because they become more reddish than usual and when we brush our teeth, they tend to bleed with the mere touch of the brush. To make you smile again as you always have, we want to provide you with the best home remedies for swollen gums.

Natural Remedies For Swollen Gums

Nature gives us the possibility that, with a few ingredients, we have homemade remedies for very powerful inflamed gums and with which we will not need to go to the pharmacy to prescribe a specific medication.


One of the remedies you can do to calm gum pain is to perform mouthwash with salt. We will only have to heat some water and throw several tablespoons of salt. We will remove very well and rinse our mouths as long as we can. The water should not be too hot as the gums could suffer, so it is best to do so with warm water.

The bicarbonate is a compound that’s always good when it comes to dental health; there are many who recommend even to brush your teeth because it removes the plaque. The bicarbonate in the case of swollen gums will be used with hydrogen peroxide, with the toothbrush, we will wet it in the solution, and we will begin to gently rub the gums and teeth, making the gums less inflamed and bleed less. 

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A good disinfectant for everything is apple cider vinegar or also called white vinegar. To reduce inflammation, we will have to rinse our mouth with a glass of water and one or two tablespoons of vinegar both in the morning, just when we get up, and also when we go to sleep. Although the taste of vinegar may not please us, this remedy will heal your gums in a matter of days.  

Sage is a plant that is used in natural medicine for many treatments, especially because it has a very good antiseptic action. To prepare our remedy, we will need several sage leaves and we will here. While in the fire we must cover the pan and remove from the fire in the same way after several minutes. With the resulting broth, we will rinse the mouth after each meal, getting the pain to send and also that our teeth are much cleaner.

Citrus fruits such as lemon will help you too as they have an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect. You will have to gargle with a little water and the juice of a lemon every time you go to sleep, and in a short time, you will have nice non-inflamed teeth.

Sometimes so that certain diseases do not appear it is advisable to prevent. One of the most advisable ways to prevent this condition is by taking apples. The apples have many properties, plus they are great for both gums to the teeth. An apple after each meal avoids swollen gums, although if you already have it, it also soothes the pains.

Naturessmile Gum Balm for Swollen Gum:

Use Natures Smile Gum balm, this product has 100% herbal extracts such as Oak, Silver Fir, Pine tree carotene extract, Chamomile, Yarrow, Saint John’s Wort, Greater Celandine, Nettle.  Natures smile is a thick paste that sticks deep into the gum pockets and kills the bacteria that cause swollen gums. Use it twice a day and get rid swollen gums.

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